Associated Ability Constitution
Hit Points 20 + Con modifier

1st – Absorb blow, display of Constitution
2nd – Immune (bleed)
3rd – Immune (poison), mythic constitution
4th – Immune (disease), mettle
5th – Immune (stagger)
6th – Immune (nausea)
7th – Immune (stunning)
8th – Immune (critical)
9th – Improved Mettle
10th – True defender

Absorb Blow A guardian reduces damage from any attack or effect that deals hit point damage by 5 points per tier. If the guardian spends a point of mythic as an immediate action, he can reduce damage from any attack directed against a target within his reach instead, suffering the damage in their place.

Display of Constitution As a free action, a 1st tier guardian can expend one use of mythic power to attempt a feat of Constitution, gaining a +20 circumstance bonus on one Constitution ability check. Alternatively, he can use this ability to apply a +20 bonus to his Constitution score for a number of hours equal to his mythic tier for the purpose of making Constitution checks against heat, cold, fatigue, and exhaustion.

Immune At 2nd tier, a guardian begins gaining immunities. He is immune to non-mythic sources of the listed condition.

Mythic Constitution A 3rd tier guardian adds his tier to all Constitution and Constitution based checks.

Mettle A 4th tier guardian does not suffer any partial effect on a successful Fortitude or Will save. At 9th tier, if the guardian fails a Fortitude or Will save against an effect that has a partial effect, he suffers the partial effect instead.

True Defender (Ex): A 10th tier guardian takes half damage from non-mythic foes. This is applied before any other ability that reduces or absorbs damage.


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