Associated Ability Charisma
Hit Points 8 + Cha modifier

1st – Advance, display of Charisma
2nd – Mythic ally
3rd – Mythic Charisma
4th – Immune (fear)
5th – Marshal’s order
6th – Immune (charm and compulsion)
7th – Mythic teamwork
8th – Immune (mind-affecting)
9th – Decisive action
10th – Visionary Commander

Advance (Ex): As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to inspire a tactical advance on the field of battle. This allows you and each of your allies within 10 feet per tier to take either a single move action of the character’s choice or a 5-foot step, as long as you or your ally has the ability to take such an action (for example, an unconscious character still can’t take an action). The action granted by this ability doesn’t count toward the number or type of actions a creature is allowed to take on its turn.

Display of Charisma As a free action, a 1st tier marshal can expend one use of mythic power to attempt a feat of Charisma, gaining a +20 circumstance bonus on one Charisma-based skill check or Charisma ability check.

Mythic Ally A 2nd tier marshal can spend a point of mythic power to provide an ally within sight the benefits of his own mythic power. He can surge, bestow an additional action per amazing initiative, provide recuperation to a resting individual, remove a condition per unstoppable or revive a slain ally with immortal. The slain ally must have been dead for no more rounds than the marshal’s tier. A marshal can only spend mythic power to provide effects that he himself is a high enough tier to employ.

Mythic Charisma A 3rd tier marshal adds his tier to all Charisma and Charisma based checks.

Immunity A 4th tier marshal is immune to fear. If the marshal was already immune to fear, he provides a +4 bonus to saves against fear from those within 10 ft. per marshal tier. If the marshal already possessed an aura that bolstered saves against fear, that aura now extends to 10 ft. per marshal tier and provides immunity to fear. At 6th tier, the marshal is immune to charm and compulsion. At 8th tier, the marshal is immune to all mind-affecting effects. The same provision for previous immunity or auras applies.

Marshal’s Order (Su): A 5th tier marshal can spend a point of mythic power as a standard action to provide a number of allied characters within sight equal to the marshal’s tier with a use of any limited use ability (such as smite evil) he has. This expends one use of the ability and provides it to the allies for 1 hour per tier. If the allies have not used the ability within this time, it is wasted. The ability’s power is based off of the marshal, not the ally.

Mythic Teamwork A 7th tier marshal adds his tier to any flanking bonus he provides or receives. In addition, he is always counted as possessing any teamwork feat an allied creature has, and gains benefits accordingly.

Decisive Action (Ex): As a swift action, a 9th tier marshal can expend one use of mythic power to give one ally per tier within 10 feet per tier the ability to immediately make a single melee or ranged attack on your turn, adding your tier to the attack roll and damage. This attack doesn’t count toward the ally’s actions on its turn.

Visionary Commander At 10th tier, whenever you or an ally within 100 feet rolls an initiative check, roll twice and take either result. If the first round of combat is a surprise round, you and all allies within 100 feet at the start of the combat can take a full round’s worth of actions instead of just a move or standard action.


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