Mythic Lich

Mythic Lich

6th – Channel resistance, mythic phylactery, mythic power, spell power, spell resistance
7th – Undead command
8th – Immediate counterspell
9th – Mystic sustenance
10th – Magic Mastery

Channel Resistance (Su) A lich adds its mythic rank to its channel resistance. At 10th rank, a mythic lich becomes immune to damage from channeled energy from non-mythic sources.

Mythic Phylactery A mythic lich’s phylactery can’t be harmed by non-mythic sources. At 8th rank, the phylactery becomes a minor artifact, and can be destroyed by only one specific method.

Mythic Power A mythic lich gains an additional amount of mythic power equal to one-half of its level. It also gains a pool of power equal to its tier that can be used to empower mythic spells.

Spell Power A mythic lich rolls 2d20 and takes the better result for any caster level check it makes. The mythic lich adds its tier to its caster level and adds one-half its tier to the DC of any spells it casts. The lich increases any caps on its spells by an amount equal to its rank.

Spell Resistance A mythic lich has SR equal to 11 + its CR.

Undead Command (Su) A lich may control any undead within 1,000 feet per rank that it is aware of as a free action. A Will save (DC 10 + ½ HD + Charisma modifier) negates. Non-mythic undead with less HD than the lich gain no save. Mythic undead with more HD than the lich are immune. A creature that makes its save cannot be targeted again for 24 hours.

The lich may also animate skeletons and zombies at will with a simple touch. No material components are required. If the lich expends a use of mythic power, it may animate mythic skeletons and zombies.

As a standard action a mythic lich can see, hear, and speak through the body of an undead it has commanded. The mythic lich can use this ability indefinitely on one creature at a time, as long as it and the creature under its control remain on the same plane. A mythic lich using this ability can’t move, but is still aware of its surroundings and can end this ability as a free action. If the lich expends one use of mythic power, it can teleport itself to the position of an undead under its control. This destroys the undead in an explosion of bone and body parts that deals 1d6 slashing damage per HD in a 20 ft. radius. A destroyed incorporeal undead deals negative energy damage instead. (Reflex half)

Immediate Counterspell (Su): At 8th rank, a mythic lich can expend one use of mythic power as an immediate action to attempt to counter a spell. The lich must use a spell, spell slot, or dispel magic to counterspell as normal. This ability allows the lich to counterspell without first readying an action.

Mystic Sustenance (Su) At 9th rank, each time a mythic lich casts a spell it regains hit points equal to five times the level of the spell slot used to cast the spell.

Magic Mastery At 10th rank, if a spell fails against a lich’s spell resistance or is successfully counterspelled by the lich, the lich may recast the spell. The recast spell uses the lich’s DCs and caster level. A recast spell fades after it is cast.

Mythic Lich

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