Path of War

- Stalker -
1d8 Hit Dice – 3/4 Base Attack Bonus
Martial Disciplines
Broken Blade, Mithral Current, Riven Hourglass, Tempest Gale, Solar Wind, Steel Serpent, Thrashing Dragon, and Veiled Moon

- Warlord -
1d10 Hit Dice – Perfect Base Attack Bonus
Martial Disciplines
Broken Blade, Piercing Thunder, Tempest Gale, Golden Lion, Iron Tortoise, and Primal Fury

- Warder -
1d10 Hit Dice – Perfect Base Attack Bonus
Martial Disciplines
Golden Lion, Primal Fury, Scarlet Throne, Solar Wind, Eternal Guardian. Piercing Thunder, and Thrashing Dragon

- Mystic -
1d8 Hit Dice – 3/4 Base Attack Bonus
Martial Disciplines
Elemental Flux, Mithral Current, Riven Hourglass, Shattered Mirror, Solar Wind, and Veiled Moon.

- Harbinger -
1d8 Hit Dice – 3/4 Base Attack Bonus
Martial Disciplines
Cursed Razor, Mithral Current, Riven Hourglass, Scarlet Throne, Shattered Mirror, and Veiled Moon.

Special Disciplines
The following Disciplines can only be acquired through being the appropriate type, Advanced Study, or by joining an organization.
Sleeping Goddess
Silver Crane
Black Seraph
Unquiet Grave
Chimeric Soul

The following creature types/subtypes get Martial Training as a bonus feat
Shapechanger – Chimeric Soul
Silver Crane – Angels
Black Seraph – Fallen Angels
Unquiet Grave – Undead
Thrashing Dragon – Dragon
Elemental Flux – Elemental

Advanced Study [Combat]
You’ve delved deeper into your martial learning to
find new skills.
Prerequisite: Martial disciple of 4th level or higher.
Benefit: You may select two maneuvers or one stance from your class’s list of disciplines and add them to your known maneuvers and stances. You must meet all prerequisites for the new maneuvers or stance to qualify for you to learn them. You may select maneuvers from a discipline that is not in class to you with this feat; doing so reduces the effectiveness of this feat to one maneuver or stance of your choice from an out of class discipline.
At 8th level, and every four levels thereafter you gain an additional two maneuvers or one stance. If you selected an out of class discipline you gain an additional maneuver or stance.
Special: You may select this feat only once.

Deadly Agility [Combat]
You have learned how to use your agility to greater
purpose in battle.
Prerequisites: Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +8
Benefit: You may add your Dexterity modifier in place of your Strength modifier when wielding a light weapon or a weapon that gains the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat (such as the rapier) when determining additional damage inflicted upon a successful attack.
This modifier to damage is not increased for two-handed weapons, but is not reduced for off-hand weapons.

Martial Training [Combat]
You’ve learned the basics in a martial discipline.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +3
Benefit: Select a martial discipline. The associated skill for this discipline is now a class skill. Your martial initiator level maneuvers granted by this feat (and subsequent Martial Training feats) is equal to half your character level + your attribute modifier that modifies your chosen discipline for use with this discipline (example, Dexterity for a discipline that uses Acrobatics), not to exceed your character level. Likewise, your initiation modifier is the attribute modifier that effects the associated skill of this chosen discipline (for example,
Charisma if the discipline uses Diplomacy). Refer to the below table to determine the level of maneuvers you can access and the amount maneuvers you can ready based on your base attack bonus. You may recover one maneuver by expending a full round action to recover it.
(BAB = Base Attack Bonus, ML = Maneuver Level, MK = Maneuvers Known, MR = Maneuvers Readied)
BAB - ML - MK - MR
+3 --1st - 2 -— 1
+5 --2nd - 4 -— 2
+7 --3rd - 6 -— 3
+9 --4th - 8 -— 3
+11 --5th - 10 - 4
+13 --6th - 12 -- 5
+15 --7th - 14 -- 6
+17 --8th - 16 -- 6
+19 --9th - 18 -- 7
Special: If you ever gain levels in a martial adept class or possess them previously, these maneuvers continue to use their own initiator level and recovery method, independent of your martial adept level. Those wishing to add new maneuvers from a discipline that is already available to their class should select the Advanced Study feat instead.

Path of War

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