Associated Ability Dexterity
Hit Points 8 + Dex modifier

1st – Trickster’s dodge, display of Dexterity
2nd – Speed
3rd – Mythic Dexterity
4th – Mythic finesse
5th – Trickster’s Redirect
6th – Counterattack
7th – Miss chance
8th – Fleet warrior
9th – Unbound
10th – Supreme Trickster

Trickster’s Dodge (Ex): As an immediate action, a 1st tier trickster can spend one point of mythic power when he is targeted with an attack. The attack misses and the trickster can shift his position up to 10 ft. per tier. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If he is within reach of the attacker at any point before, during or after the movement, he can take an attack of opportunity.

Display of Dexterity As a free action, a 1st tier trickster can expend one use of mythic power to attempt a feat of Dexterity, gaining a +20 circumstance bonus on one Dexterity-based skill check or Dexterity ability check.

Speed A 2nd tier trickster gains a +10 ft. bonus to his movement speed per tier.

Mythic Dexterity A 3rd tier trickster adds his tier to all Dexterity and Dexterity based checks.

Mythic Finesse A 4th tier trickster adds his Dexterity modifier to damage instead of strength. If the trickster already possessed such an ability, he adds his tier to damage instead.

Trickster’s Redirect (Ex) A 5th tier trickster can spend a point of mythic power as an immediate action after being missed with an attack or successfully saving against an effect. Doing so allows him to redirect the attack or effect onto another appropriate target within range.

Counterattack Missing a 6th tier trickster with a melee or ranged attack provokes an attack of opportunity. The trickster can use a ranged weapon to make a counterattack, but must be armed with it when the attack of opportunity is provoked. A trickster can spend one point of mythic power to change weapons as a free action in order to appropriately arm himself.

Miss Chance A 7th tier trickster gains a 50% miss chance against any melee or ranged attacks targeting him. This increases by 15% per tier. The miss chance is halved against any mythic attacks. The miss chance does not apply if the trickster is flat footed or otherwise unable to defend himself.

Fleet Warrior (Ex) When making a full attack, an 8th tier trickster can move up to his speed either before or after his attacks. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal.

Unbound (Ex) A 9th tier trickster is immune to all effects that would restrict his movement, including difficult terrain, paralysis, slow and the like. By spending a point of mythic power, the trickster can become incorporeal for a number of rounds equal to his tier.

Supreme Trickster At 10th tier, whenever you make an attack roll against a non-mythic foe, that foe is treated as flat-footed, even if it has abilities that prevent it from being flat-footed.


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